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AdMessenger is the all new and only platform that allows brands and businesses to advertise directly to consumers' phones on android and iOS.

We send your ads to our users phones via a notification and on the app.

Our users are also incentivised to engage with your ads which not only makes them pay more attention to them, but also appreciate them more.

Not only do we allow you to place your ads on the best ad space there is (people's phones), we also have the lowest cpm cost on the market at just $5 and lowest cpc at just a flate rate of $1 (no bidding).

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How is it?

  1. We do all the hard work of attaining a high quality userbase.
  2. We categorize them based on demographics, so you can target your ads effectively.
  3. Your then able to create your ads on our super simple ad creation page.
  4. We charge you $3 per cpm(cost per 1000 impression) and $1 per cpc(cost per click), with do bidding!

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